Monday, August 2, 2010

Shark Week!!!

As I begin to update or ramble as it ususally appears, I cannot come up with a title for this post. So I'm leaving it blank for now & should I forget to actually make one up, you'll know why it's blank.

This weekend's plans came to a screeching halt when my BIL called to cancel for the zoo on Sunday. His wife has a bad back & it had been really hurting her this week. Mostly likely caused from us having haul ass in the boat last Saturday to beat a REALLY bad storm moving in fast (we beat it by the way.) So that was scrapped & I won't lie. I was disappointed especially when I learned they spent the weekend boating. I'm glad to hear she's feeling better through!!!

Instead of that, Saturday night we had a fast dinner (wings, taters & a cider) at BW-3 then headed to see Inception. It was a good movie but I don't think it's all it's been preached to be. I like the Matrix much better & perhaps it's because of that. It was interesting & makes you think but not over the top as it's been portrayed!

Sunday, I got up early to run, headed to church then came home to stain the deck rails with hubby. Currently the deck is all one shade of chocolate brown. We are now going to keep the bottom part that color but are painting the rails white. It looks so awesome but it still needs another coat plus we'll redo the bottom as well. Sounds exciting, eh? We watched Green Zone that afternoon, made a fast taco dinner & parted ways. He retreated to the man-cave (aka home theater room) & I went to the bedroom to watch Shark Week!!!!!!

Speaking of Shark Week. You have GOT to watch the first few minutes of Air Sharks. These 1 TON creatures literally leap out of the water to catch their prey (the super cute seals that remind me of puppies.) Truly!

Air Jaws

And don't blame me if you never want to go in the ocean again ;) FYI, these are located in the oceans off the coast of South Africa so you are safe!

Happy Monday!!!!


MarciaG said...

We saw Inception too. I wish we would have seen Eclipse instead or waited 1 more week to see Dinner for Schmucks! Oh well.
Sorry about the zoo :(

How are your feet/shoes and running in general? What kind of miles are you able to put on the road?

Heather said...

Hey Mama! I just got new shoes & will get them tomorrow. I stuck with the Asics GT-2150 since that's what I've always run with. I don't think the shoes were the issue & I really am reluctant to switch them.

I'm only running a few days a week doing 2-4 miles each run. Nothing major but it definitely feels good to be doing it more again!