Friday, February 6, 2009

Another one bites the dust....

Sorry, now that song is planted in your head. Let me change that for you. *if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it* Ha! I'll wait for the hate mail.

So the week is just about over & I'm anxiously awaiting 4pm though I may skate out a bit early. We'll see.

Seems to have been a successful week in terms of getting things done. Though I'm realizing some things about me, where I *think* my head is & where I really find it to be. It's a good worries! I indeed sweat the small stuff but am getting better about that. Life is just too short. That's a lesson I've learned the hard way. A really really hard way.

Today's goodies
Training: Upper body
Cardio: Off

-Rice cakes with dark chocolate spread & almond butter
-Bagel, egg whites, veggie sausage crumbles (love these things) & 2% cheese
-Kashi bar, banana & peanuts
-Crackers, goat cheese & apple
-Chipotle fajita salad (romaine, grilled veggies, black beans, salsa, tad bit of cheese & vinagrette)
-Italian beef, wheat roll & 2% swiss slice; oven potatoes

Notes: Making dinner for us tonight at home then probably watching a movie or something at home. Just vegging tonight!

I've been trying to incorporate some other things back into my diet the goat cheese. I love that stuff & am eating it quite a bit again! And last night I got some creamy havarti! Sooooo yummy! I'm not a fan of blue cheese unless it's in a salad but love most cheeses otherwise! I was stalking the brie today at the store too!

I'm also finding that I feel better/more satisfied with having more fats in my diet again. Plus my skin seems better too...less dry. So yum for fats! lol It's mostly through the cheeses, nut butter assortment, etc. Cheesy suggestions for me are always encouraged!

I think that's about it though I'm going to pimp out a blog from my friend, Marcia. She's got 2 different ones but the "Raising a Healthy Family in a Fast Food World" has a review of Organic Food Bar Kids that she got her little girl to sample. It sounds alot like the grown-up larabars. But anyway...check that out along with her other blog "Mission Possible" for some product reviews. You can find both links to the right under my "daily reads."

I'm enjoying a "free day" & still catching a movie! Underworld isnt at the Valpo theater anymore so I'm either seeing Uninvited or New in Town. Anyone see either of those?

Have a safe weekend!


FitCrazedMomma said...

Pimpin' ain't easy....
Thanks girl! :)

Anonymous said...

Did you see underworld yet? Went on Monday, that show is really connected to the first one. Have a great weekend Heather.

Allison said...

I saw New In Town last weekend; it was cute, probably a rental though. Harry Connick was the best part of the movie.

Lady Rois said...

Hi from a SP stalker... very impressive accomplishments and still remaining, well, human - ever growing, ever changing, ever gracious! Love that! :) Steph (known in SP land as LADYROSE)