Friday, February 20, 2009

Finally Friday.....

This week has finally come to an end. Well, almost. It's been a whirlwind & I've of course been looking at the wedding sites for the Vegas hotels. I have a year but realistically a reservation of our date & a deposit should be put down in a couple months. The front runners are Mandalay Bay, Planet Hollywood & MGM Grand. That's always subject to change but they have great packages at those places.

It's been a good week, getting some things squared away. Then it hit me, I have to get my closets cleaned out, things organized, etc. It'll be a big ol' clean the clutter fest at my house. I'll likely have a garage sale too since I wont need alot of things that I now have. Nice perk of us both owning homes.

Training recap
Sunday: 9.5 mile run
Monday: Off
Tuesday: Upper body training
Wednesday: 40 min elliptical
Thursday: Upper body training
Friday: 30 min run/10 min walk to cooldown
Saturday: Light lower body & bike

On tap for Sunday is my "long run" of only 4 miles this week.

I am having some hip pain that started after Sunday's run. It's happened before though not in a long time & is related to arthritis. It's been more than a few years since this happened. The last time it struck was when I was living in Vegas. It was tender to sit for too long then when I'd get up, it was tender to walk. I went to the doctor who said it was arthritis related, he did an x-ray to check the cartilage (to make sure the bones weren't rubbing) & that was fine. His suggestion was to take it easy on the activity (exercise) & take ibuprofen for pain. It eventually subsided & hasnt been too much of a factor even with both marathons, etc. Until now....

So my plan is to run through this week, see how it feels & go from there. I hate to give up the races but I also dont want to make things worse. So we'll see how it goes. Ticks me off more than anything but it is what it is.

I suppose that's really it. I mean what can really top my big news of the week! Thank you all sooooooooooooo much for the well wishes, congrats & truly some of the most thoughtful things I've read! It means so much!

Enjoy your weekend all!

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dori said...

What is the exact date? You may have said it before, but I can't remember to be I hope that we can make it, may be a good one year anniversary vacation =) Be careful with that hip! Could it be bothering you more because you're getting older? Something to think about....So, who's selling their house? LOL