Monday, February 9, 2009

One of those days.....

So. It's Monday. The day we all dread. The alarm went off this morning & Kevin decided we werent getting up to head to the gym. Fine by me so we just spent some quality time together instead.

Today was just kinda blah for me. I get these moments that hit me like a ton of bricks out of the blue. They are days that I just miss my Mom so much it hurts. I'm not 100% sure why it started though I realized as I ran (great therapy) that it could be related to babies. A good friend had her baby this weekend & Kevin's sister had her ultrasound on Friday. It struck me that I will be living those moments in my own life without my Mom. I know she'll be watching over me but it wont be the same. was a tough day but a cute email from a friend really made me giggle!

Today's stuff
Training: Off
Cardio: 42 min run (4 miles) & 8 min walk (cool down)

*Cereal combo (multigrain cheerios & fiber one), banana & lt. soymilk; egg whites
*Yogurt & Kashi bar
*Subway turkey with cheese & light chips
*Baked tostitos, ground turkey breast, light cheese & hot sauce
*Pumpkin, fiber one & SF pudding

Aside from feeling a little sad today, it was a decent day. I had a good run this evening but I'm feeling like the treadmill running is taking a toll on my body. It feels off for a short time. We head outside this weekend for our long run (9.5 miles!) so hopefully that'll feel better.

Not much else to add today, I really just want to head up to bed but I'm going to wait up to watch 24, perhaps see what Obama has to say then will crash for the night.

Sleep well, friends!


vanessa40 said...

Hi Heather,
Ok..i got all caught up with you.
I'm sorry that you are feeling sad.
It has to be hard missing your mother so were so lucky to have a mother that loved and cared about you. I really envy that..
I love cheese too.. Havarti is my fave. I have added more fats into my diet and i'm loving what i'm seeing. Like you my skin is looking better and i'm not as hungry.
So are you liking the warmer weather

Christina said...

Just wanted to let you know that Im still following along! Sorry yesterday was blah for you and I hope you are feeling better today.