Sunday, February 8, 2009

Where'd it go????

Sheesh, it's already 1 o'clock on Sunday afternoon. But it's been a decent weekend so no complaints.

Yesterday started with a good cardio workout. Did 40 min on the elliptical then spent 20 min on the stairmill. I really enjoy (yes, really) getting one long cardio session in each week. Since this was a stepback on race training, I did that yesterday since I'd already run twice this week. Felt good.

Headed to see The Uninvited & was floored by the ending. Really good movie. Enjoyed a kiddie popcorn, some Jr. Mints & a few candy corn.

Last night we headed to the boat, dined at the buffet (who had steamed crab legs last night) & played a while before heading home. I completely crashed shortly thereafter!

Went to church with Dad then joined our friends breakfast. Though I'd already eaten so I just enjoyed some hot tea & the visit. Did get my errands done after that too then just headed home to have some lunch. Currently, just being a lazy bum on the couch!

I am using my grill tonight for the first time in a while. It's been covered in snow but yesterday's temps (60 degrees) melted the majority of the snow. I'm excited to be able to do that tonight.

Probably calling today a rest day from the gym. It's icy in many spots due to wacky weather so trying to run would include either dodging puddles or ice skating.

Pretty uneventful really though I enjoyed every moment of my weekend. I think I'm actually going to curl up on the couch here in a second & take a little siesta!

Hope you've all enjoyed your weekend!

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