Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Snow day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, that's right. It's a snow day here in Valparaiso. Pretty much the whole city has shut down, they arent plowing side roads & we've "received" about 18 inches of snow! Tack on the winds & it's drifing like crazy. I've had to shovel twice now & both times took me about an hour!

So for today, I'm catching up on some shows that I record, doing some laundry, running the sweeper & picking up a bit. Currently watching, Millionaire Matchmaker. Pretty interesting.

Wednesday, Feb 04
Training: Lower body
Cardio: 30 min bike

*Cereal combo & soymilk; chicken sausage, egg white & light cheese
*Chicken sausage, low carb tortilla, veggies & goat cheese; rice cake with cocoa spread & almond butter
*Same as above
*Chicken sausage, light cheese & low carb tortilla; lara bar
*Ground turkey breast, baked tostitos, light cheese, lite ranch & hot sauce

Notes: It's early in the day but since I'm home, I thought I'd post up for now. Training & cardio are later tonight. It was scheduled that way due to the weather.

And yes, my meals are quite repetitive today. I've been cleaning like a mad woman & just needed something I could grab quickly.

So that's a wrap for now though I'll update later once the show is really over!

Evening Edit: Food has been updated for the day, workout complete & shoveling session #3 complete. Snowfall totals in excess of 2 feet!!!! I'm so sick of snow. We've had record snowfall & I suspect by the end of the winter totals will be around 5 feet! That's unheard of for this region!

It's been a good day here at home, got tons done & will be able to enjoy my Saturday afternoon more as a result!

Sleep well friends!


dori said...

I have to say I like your blog better than your journal, I don't have to skim through all the other posts that people have made to get to what you write! LOL Keep it up big sis! =)

Heather said...

Your weather is much worse than mine! I'll stop complaining now. I bet you feel productive though, eh?

Heather said...

Dori: Thanks girl! I'm just more lurking anymore at the forum anyway! I like keeping this so that non-O2'ers can keep tabs on me too!

Heather: We've had a horrible winter to say the least but it was great to get stuff done knowing that I can enjoy my Saturday!