Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I keep talking about the weather but it's so wacky this year that it's hard to not talk about! Today it's raining cats & dogs outside! We expect to get 2 inches of rain by the time it's over.

I've been thinking alot about life in general lately, folks that come & go in our lives, etc. It's just interesting sometimes to think about the path life takes us & just when you think it's safe to get comfy, it turns upside down on you! Interesting....

Daily scoop
Training: Lower body & abs
Cardio: Off

*Cereal combo, soymilk & banana; egg whites with swiss cheese
*Kashi bar & yogurt
*Kashi bar & yogurt
*Cedarlane burrito & italian veggie soup
*Baked tostitos, ground turkey breast, 2% cheese, light sour cream & hot sauce

Training was good this morning. Taking it fairly easy with legs since we have a long run this weekend. Also tossed in some abs. Being a self-professed ab slacker, I try to do them at least twice a week.

Food was a tad off today & I ended up eating 2 snacks in a row because I was working on reports & wanted to get them done before I headed out for errands. So I just had those & got a "meal" when I stepped out. Not sure what's for dinner tonight. I havent decided what I want but have plenty of wiggle room for dinner & a snack tonight too.

I had a couple questions posted in my journal (that's trying to die but I thought I'd answer them here.

Races: Valparaiso Mini Marathon is April 11th & the Fifth Third Bank 25K River Run is on May 9th in Grand Rapids, MI

Music: Anyone getting ahold of my iPod would think I'm a nutjob but I love a variety of music. For cardio some faves are Pitbull, Lady GaGa, Missy Elliott, Snap (yep, old skool!), Buck Cherry, Kanye West, Trick Daddy, Notorious BIG, Diddy (or whatever you want to call him), etc. That's a start but I can sit down & post up my playlists if anyone is interested!

Have a fab evening everyone!

Random: Did anyone else get the Kashi recall email? I was freaking since I have a mad assortment of Kashi bars at home but nothing affected thankfully! For those wondering, they are pulling alot of items that were even made on machines that could have been used to produce tainted peanut products. Crazy, eh?


Allison said...

Those baked tostitos sound awesome!! I sent you a PM on O2, but I'll just reiterate here. I'm doing my half on Sunday and was wondering if you had some breakfast suggestions. I'm going to be in a hotel room and all I have at my disposal is a refrigerator; no microwave. What do you usually eat before your long runs? Allison

Sportsgirl said...

Ahhhh...Love the new look blog! The flowers are pretty :-D

BWAHAHA! the word verification for this comment is "undie" LOL!

Sweetasc6h12o6 said...

I got that email too! And I received one of those free oatmeal cookies and ate half of it. The other half I made my friend eat haha I haven't gotten sick yet so I'm assuming I'm in the clear ???

PS, I love your blog and you've inspired me to start my own :o)

Amanda--from O2 boards ;o)