Thursday, February 5, 2009

The king & his throne.

Okay, so it's the wrong kind of throne but Alex would sit on the toilet & watch me get ready when he was a kitten. He wasnt quite big enough to make the leap to the vanity then but now he sacks out across the vanity while I'm doing my thing every morning. It's quite cute!

As for me, I'm freezing my bits off today! We ended up with well over 2 feet of snow from the dump. I never made it to work yesterday either but was quite productive at home. Now I can go see Underworld: Rise of the Lycans while Kevin's at work on Saturday!

Daily stuff:
Training: Abs
Cardio: 3 mile run; .5 mile walk (cooldown)

*Chicken sausage, cereal & soymilk
*PP, soymilk & clif z-bar
*Amy's burrito, banana & nuts
*Clif builder bar, apple & nuts
*BW-3 naked tender wrap & a few tortilla chips

Notes: Running this morning was uncertain since we trained legs & rode the bike last night. When the alarm went off, I felt pretty good so headed to the gym. The run was good, did some abs & headed home to do my thing. Now, my legs are screaming, glutes are sore, etc. Ah well, tomorrow is upper body only.

Getting my haircut tonight, it's starting to just get too long for layers (starts looking stringy.) So I'm getting it cut just below or at shoulder length but keeping some layers in it. My only criteria is that I am still able to pull it back in a ponytail! That's a must for workouts!

That's my story for today!


Sportsgirl said...

Awww, your kitty is cute!!

Heather said...

Thanks Di! He's a terror indeed! He was only a few months old there! I'll need to dig up a more current pic of his royal highness!

krispy1138 said...

My youngest cat likes to watch me get ready in the morning, too. He's also taken to jumping on top of the refrigerator and watching me prep my food!