Sunday, February 1, 2009

And that's a wrap!

The weekend is just about over but not just yet. It's Super Bowl time & I'm heading to Kevin's to watch the game & make dinner in just a bit.

Our overnight trip to the city was WONDERFUL! We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel, wandered the Mag Mile & I did score some Lindt Cherry & Chili bars (thanks to Michelle!) They are so good. Just a hint of cherry & a subtle though wicked hint of chili. Really yummy!

We had a beer at ESPN Zone watching the IU game, hit up Macy's on State (the old Marshall Field's for Chicago buffs.)

Saturday lunch was at the Grand Lux Cafe & I had the Asian Nachos for my meal. They were wonton wrappers fried flat & covered with chicken, peanut sauce, wasabi cream & peanuts. Truly decadent!

Dinner was a big debate because neither of us were really wanting anything in particular so we ended up at Rock Bottom. Munched on fresh guac & kettle chips then I ordered the Smoked Salmon Fish & Chips. It was REALLY rich tasting & by the second one I was pulling off the breading. Wandered some more then stopped at Houlihan's for a couple more (had 2 with dinner) beers while we watched the Bull's game then headed back to the hotel.

This morning we slept in, hit Trader Joe's then came back to Indiana & had Cracker Barrel for a late breakfast. Yummy!

All in all it was a super weekend though a short trip it was really nice to get away & just enjoy each other!

Training recap:
Everything was ON like donkey kong this week! Saturday's long run was split between the treadmill (5 miles) & the elliptical (3 miles.) Though with all the walking yesterday in the city (at least 4 miles) our legs are tired! Things are on track & I'm really feeling good!

Next weekend is a step back (only 3 miles) then we hit 9.5 & have agreed to run outside for that one. This winter has been brutal but it's time to suck it up! lol It'll be fine though. We've both picked up some gear so will be good to go! I may even try to do one of my runs during the week outside depending on the snow.

I think that just about covers it. Nothing really profound to ramble about at the moment.

I just really realized this weekend that enjoying life & taking advantage of the blessings that I have is just crucial. Life is indeed too short to not do that!

Plan for a great is what you make it!

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