Monday, February 16, 2009

What a weekend!!!!!

So this weekend turned into an unexpected one because well.......


That's going to be a total tease but I will take a pic of the ring & post the whole story tonight. It was a simple & sweet proposal. I love my ring & it's exactly what I wanted (even without him knowing.)

I'll recap the other stuff I keep here for now.

No workout, dinner out was Old Chicago Pizza (totally yummy), had a couple beers at BW-3 while watching the NBA All-Star contests then I finally got my b-day ice cream from Oberweis (local dairy.) I had a double scoop of birthday cake ice cream (appropriate) in a waffle cone! Totally yummy. Went home had a total laughing fit & when it eventually subsided, got proposed to!

Slept in a bit then headed out for a 9.5 mile run. It went well & we maintained a 10:30 pace which was fantastic!

Eats were on until dinner out with Kevin's parents & sister.

*Rice cakes with dark chocolate spread & almond butter (pre-run)
*Cereal & soymilk (post-run)
*Yogurt & Kashi bar
*Chips, salsa & queso; cheesesteak quesadilla (it's just 1 tortilla folded) & a ginormous strawberry margarita.

I am not hungry typically on days after my long run so my food will seem low. Though dinner certainly made up for it!

Training: Off
Cardio: Off

*Whole grain waffles with SF syrup; cottage cheese
*Subway turkey with cheese & light chips
*Havarti cheese & peanuts
*Wheat pasta, spaghetti sauce with venison & garlic toast; pina colada cake

The cake is sooooo easy. You take a box of angel food cake mix & stir in a can of crushed pineapple. Bake for about 25 minutes & that's it. Frost with light cool whip & you can also top with toasted coconut. I made it for yesterday but we had dinner with Kevin's family instead. I'll let you know how it tastes.

The run yesterday went well. I'm having just usual soreness other than in my left hip. It's bothered me before but it's more related to arthritis. I dont think it'll stop me though. Only time can tell with that.

Feeling good really about everything.

Life offers blessings & it's up to us to take hold of them enjoying every moment of whatever it is that comes our way. For me, it's an amazing man that I get to spend the rest of my life with. A great new family that has welcomed me from day one. And some super cute nieces too (one who we wont meet until this summer.)

So for today, take stock in the blessings you have & be thankful for what you do have!

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