Thursday, February 12, 2009

Short & Sweet.

Almost FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just got home, got a few things done & need to get dinner going.

What'd I do?
Training: Off
Cardio: 40 min elliptical

*Cereal, banana & light soymilk; egg whites & 2% cheese slice
*Kashi bar & coffee
*Tuna, olive oil mayo & wheat crackers
*Nachos (made with venison), black beans, baked tostitos, 2% cheese, light sour cream & hot sauce

Not much to comment today. Good cardio session this morning. I'm psyched for the weekend long run & planning us a good dinner as a reward! Lasagna, garlic toast & a LF pineapple cake.

Have a great night all!

ps....thanks for the comments & I think I'll do start a weekly Biggest Loser post! I love hearing the thoughts about that show. Totally in agreement with Paula that they need to start playing the game. And Dori, I think the split is happening with voting off one member of each team. I suspect that will continue!

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dori said...

Keeping up with your blog is sooo much easier but I have to say that I miss your smiling face on o2 :( It was just comforting to know you were around even though you didn't post much......Oh well, I know it's hard for you to keep up with both! I hope you and kevin have a great valentines day today! And enjoy the movie, it looks really cute! :)