Monday, February 16, 2009

The proposal, the ring & thoughts of the "big day"

So as promised, I come with details of Kevin's proposal along with pics of the ring. I thought it only fitting to post a picture of us together first. This was from our vacation last fall to Orlando & was taken on Halloween night at Universal's City Walk.
On Valentine's Day, we headed out to dinner. We initially were staying in Valpo but then Kevin mentioned pizza which I was actually wanting so we headed to Merrillville to eat at Old Chicago Pizza. Good stuff.
I bribed him to take me to the pet store after dinner so I could oogle the puppies! They had the cutest little pug puppies on the planet. They were so young that you weren't allowed to "visit" with them yet. They had little golf ball heads & marble eyes. So precious!
Back to Valpo for us & we decided to head to BW-3 for a couple beers while we watched the NBA All-Star contests.

Then I FINALLY got my birthday ice cream. To make it more appropriate, I got the birthday cake ice cream..double scoop in a waffle cone! So tasty! It was the perfect ending (or so I thought) to a perfect night. We had a low-key Valentine's day because we spent the weekend in Chicago just a couple weekends prior.

We headed back to my house from there where I was struck with the WORST case of the giggles. I'm talking can't breath, eyes watering, gut wrenching laughing. Little did I know that Kevin was trying to propose to me. I keep laughing thought & just keep thinking "why wont he let me go upstairs." hehehe Poor guy!
Finally, I regain my composure & Kevin tells me that he has one more present for me. He asks me to close my eyes. I oblige & he tells me to keep them closed tight. So of course, I do (no pun intended.)

A few seconds later he tells me to open them & I realize he's no longer standing in front of me. He's actually down on one knee in front of me. I just say "Kevin, what are you doing" & start crying. The big question was posed & I of course said "YES!!!!" He stands & puts the ring on my finger. It was a simple & sweet proposal. I wouldn't have it any other way!

The ring is perfect & it precisely what I would have picked out myself. It fits well though just a tad too big so I may have to have it sized down in the future but for now, I'm not giving it up!

About 1 minute after Kevin proposed, his sister texted to see how our night was going. She knew about the proposal so it was exciting. I called my Dad & unfortunately woke him up so he was a little taken back but excited still. I called him back the next morning to make sure he was really happy! lol

I also called my best friend that night too. She knew it had finally happened because I never call that late! She was super excited & I look forward to her standing by my side on the big day!

I spent Sunday calling friends & family, sending emails & texts so I could share my news.

We had a long run that morning so I decided to take that time to talk about the wedding itself. Kevin said he would prefer a destination wedding but figured I wanted a big affair. Actually, to his surprise (and Dad's), I would love to get married that way. Our friends & family are welcome to join us to be a part of the ceremony but we'll understand if they cannot make it. But we will have a reception back here in the weeks to follow. We are thinking a cocktail reception of sorts. Probably with a DJ, appetizers & adult beverages!

A wedding date is always an interesting thing & some girls will pick arbitrary dates on a calendar in the season of their choosing. I would LOVE a fall wedding but a special date came to mind as I drifted off from the excitement on Saturday.

February 27. It's not a date that may be important to some but it's the date that my parents were wed many years ago. It also happens to be my Mom's birthday. I can think of no better way to honor her than marrying the man of my dreams (who incidentally she never got to meet) on her birthday & wedding anniversary with my Dad. Since that date is just a couple weeks away, 2010 it is. It's really ironic that it falls on a Saturday next year. It's as if it was meant to be.

I was able to ask my Dad if he was okay with the plans & the specific date today at work. He gave me a simple "that would be okay" in regards to the date. He was also happy to hear that a big affair was not on the agenda. He'd never tell me "no" but I also dont want my wedding to be a financial drain on him either.

Where you ask? Well, Las Vegas is a front runner but we've also talked about Mexico or Florida. Kevin's only criteria is that it be somewhere warm though tonight at dinner he said a beach would be nice where he could see himself in a linen suit.

So that is my story. My life has just been filled with blessings. Marrying Kevin is a dream come true. He's truly a gift from above & while that may sound very cliche. In my book, it's just fact. God has a plan for my life. It's been filled with laughter, trials, heartache & straight up heartbreak but the common factor is that He's carried me through it all. This is no different & I try to remember daily to thank him for what's He's given me.


Christy Greene said...

Heather, that is such a wonderful story and I'm so, so happy for you. Congrats, girl!! You deserve nothing but the best.

Anonymous said...

Heather, Kevin...Congratulations. This is beautiful, and though I don't KNOW you in REAL LIFE...I KNOW you both truly deserve to have the love of a lifetime that I am quite positive you will have. Be good to each other, now and forever. My best wishes to you both. Lisa

Sportsgirl said...

Ahhhhhh!!!! Congratulations Heather!! That's wonderful :-D

Heather said...

Congratulations! I'm so excited for you! What a beautiful story and ring. So is it next Feb 27 or this year? :)

Anonymous said...

YEAH!!!!!!! I'm all teary eyed in my office and I have to go train a bunch of big galoots here in a few!

Jeff and Natalie Perez said...

I am so excited for you! Congrats! I can't wait to hear where your destination will be. God always takes care of us.

vanessa40 said...

That is such a lovely story and i think the date you picked is perfect.
I wish you and Kevin all the happiness in the world..
Love you...

fitnessdiva said...

*sniff sniff* So sweet! I just knew this would be a good story, no matter when it happened! I am so happy for you sweetie!!



Lady Rois said...

Congrats to you both!!! At least he didn't have to ask you if you said yes... I blathered something when my now hubby proposed and about 5 minutes later, with me wearing the ring, he asked, 'Was that a yes?' :)

crystalk said...

Heather and Kevin...the best of luck and Congratulations!!'re mom would be soooo proud and she would be totally honored that you chose that day to be your "special" day. Love you!!