Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bring on summer....

Heck, I'll settle for spring to be honest. It's currently 60 degrees outside. Ironic since this time last week, we were totally dumped on with over 2 feet of snow. It's so weird though the remnants of the snow remain. Flooded fields, roads & ponds.

I finally got on Facebook today after forever. I'm really really bad about keeping up on there but some childhood friends have been adding pics so I had to check it out. Wow, the memories that came flooding back from seeing them were overwhelming. I honestly got teary-eyed. Not a hard thing for me to do anyway. But it was good memories. The fun we all had as kids. It's great to reconnect with them again!

Today's dish
Training: Upper body training
Cardio: Off

*Rice cakes & chocolate PB2 (pre-workout)
*Cereal combo, soymilk & banana; egg whites
*Pumpkin, SF pudding (powder only) & fiber one
*Ground turkey breast & broccoli w/ LF cheese
*Yogurt & apple
*Lean turkey sausage, wheat bun, mac & cheese (at friend's house)

Still feeling slightly blah today but it'll pass. I had a great workout this morning & not feeling at all sore or anything from yesterday's run. I did a pretty steady run but tossed in a few speed intervals for giggles. Poor newbie next to me on the treadmill kept looking over to see what speed. I couldnt help but smile.

Tonight's date night with my best girlfriend & her little man. We dine & watch Biggest Loser. I'm so glad that Joelle is gone. She really didnt have her heart in the process. I wont say the game because I know that process. It's hard, not fun but you really have to have your heart in it to win.

The prize? Health, happiness & the pure accomplishment of finally taking control!

Random thought: Have you guys tried the Fiber One pancake mix? I've been making them for Kevin but finally tried some on Saturday (with blueberries!) Really good!


Anonymous said...

I'm ready for some summer weather too, it snowed today. Blah blah blah

Sohee said...

LOL, I've actually had the Fiber One pancake mix sitting my cubby for months now. I just never got around to trying them out.
Now that you say that, maybe I'll have to make it my next PWO meal :D

Anonymous said...

My comment for the week on the Biggest Loser. Most of the players don't seem to be playing it as a game yet (even though they're down to 11(?) people. This is just a really weird season it seems like.

dori said...

I'm glad joelle is gone too, she just didn't want to put the work into it that it took. I do feel bad for carla tho, she did so well, even at home! You can tell she was "in it to win it" I'll be interested to see what they both look like at the finale! Paula, I think they're starting to get into "game play" by the way the elimination went tuesday. I wonder when they'll split up and be just singles??