Monday, February 2, 2009


Yep, that's my theme of the day. Listening. My body is telling me it's still tired & would rather not cardio tonight so I'm going to listen. Saturday was alot so maybe one more day off just needs to happen. I know that if I dont, I'll only be beating myself further into the ground. It's just not necessary!

Monday, Feb 02
Training: Off
Cardio: Off

Egg whites, veggie sausage crumbles & 2% cheese
Cottage cheese
Chicken caesar salad with croutons & full fat dressing
Protein shake (with water) & apple
TJ's chicken sausage, low carb tortillas, goat cheese & veggies
Protein, blueberries & almond butter

**Edit to update last 2 meals**

Notes: Going to start keeping tabs of my eats again. I'm not going to be counting macros, etc so I want to have my food written down somewhere. May get boring to read but it's my blog! hehe

This morning was rushed since I stayed at Kevin's last night. Breakfast was snarfed down quick & I forgot a Kashi bar to have with my cottage cheese. Otherwise all meals will have some form of protein with either a carb or fat. Why? Because that works for me! lol

I'm also committing to making 1 new recipe each week moving forward.

I suppose that's it! Lots of good stuff on TV tonight....House & 24 on Fox. Chuck & Heroes returns to NBC too so I'll have to decide what to watch & what to record.

I sound like a TV junkie but I do have some shows that I love to watch! I guess it'd be different if I was a couch potato all the time.

Oh & let me not forget to mention that MORE snow is on the way for the region. We expect to see in excess of 8 inches overnight.

Good times!

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