Friday, May 15, 2009

Cheat, treat or just living?

I was emailing a friend earlier in reference to a few blogs that I read daily. It came to mind that none of them refer to foods at "treats" or meals out as "cheats." Never do you see that.

Why? Because it's JUST FOOD!!!!

They are simply eating what they want. Enjoying wine & beer with dinner (daily for some) & never once do you hear them complain about a "binge" that includes a handful of M&M's.

Why? Because it's JUST FOOD!!!!!!

We've become so programmed by the good food & bad food mentality that we forget.

It's JUST FOOD!!!!!

Okay, maybe I'm being a little repetitive & maybe it's silly. I myself have struggled with binge eating. It got pretty bad & there was a time in my life that it wasnt "just food." I spent many years actually turning to that food for comfort. I wanted it to make me feel better so I ate as much of it as I could.

Lately though, I find myself eating to kill the hunger. Isn't that what food is for? Beat the hunger that our body is signaling us as a sign that it needs something to continue functioning properly. The food is FUEL! It's a means for our bodies to continue to work as it should. Yes our bodies are amazing machines & will adapt as necessary.

Have you read My Best Friend by Kath?

Will you start eating "just food" & respect the body you have? Or will you continue to "cheat" & "treat" your way through life.

Start "just living."


SuperDots said...

Oh, binging really a handful of M & Ms?!?! Just one handful?! Yikes, man. I am wayyyy past binging, then! LOL!

I think I must wean myself off peanut butter...but it's just so yummy!

SuperDots said...

So I went back to read the "My Best Friend" by Kath...this morning as I was doing hanging kneees raises and later, core exercises with the ball, push-ups on the ball, and watching and waiting for Melissa, workout bud, to complete her sets...I was so totally admiring my legs! Not to sound conceited, but I was like, whooaaaaa, I like how these new capri tights flatter my legs..and my butt isn't looking too bad, either! I think, for me, more often than not, I am "friends" with my body. I have my occasional bad day or an "off" day, but not a workout goes by without stretching that I don't check out my legs. Now, my legs are easy for me--it's my tummy and arms that "bother" me. Even still, as I've lost weight, I've enjoyed watching my arms shrink and tone..

I like to feel good about myself...if I feel good about myself, than I will have a good day and a good attitude. I would rather not self-bash ALLLLLL the freaking time.


With that being said, before going to play pool tonight, I shall refresh my hair and makeup, maybe put on a cuter top, and feel GOOOOD about myself! :-D

The Kelley Family said...

Great post and a great reality check also. At one point I got really bad about "cheats" and "treats" and "oh, no I went over this and that". Now I am just eating healthy and if i want a handful of M&M's I have it. If I want a glass of wine, then I have it. You are so right. Food is about fueling your body, it should not control your life. I feel 100% better now thatr I am eating for my health and not because society needs me to be a size 2. People should be happy and that is what matters.

Paula said...

I am a bad, bad friend. I totally didn't get you on the blog roll for the new site and have been wondering where you are. Good stuff Heather and this is something that I am working on.

Luv ya

Lady Rois said...


I was about to go on a tirade in my blog because yet another person said how they 'cheated' and 'fell off the wagon' (after 2 f-ing cookies!?!?! Really?!) and other self-defeating self-depricating comments about their behavior...

I've noticed a theme of late with your blogs that echoing a lot of what's going on in my life. When you get to the point where you really 'get it', you get that its all behavioral, it's all attitude and it's really just life, the division between where you are, and the rest of the world because very apparent.

Thanks for being one of the beacons of rationality!