Friday, May 15, 2009

Stories from hikes past...

Okay, so it's only one story from a previous hike but as promised. It's the spider story.

Mind you, this was Kevin's birthday weekend (Labor Day weekend) & we had already spent one day hiking at Fox Ridge State Park the day before. It was beautiful there & you could see eagles flying overhead. We really wondered if they were circling some prey..hopefully not us! lol

The scoop...
(copied from an old Oxygen journal entry on 09/03/08)

Got up pretty early, ate at the hotel (continental deal) then headed to Eagle Creek State park where we expected to do an 18 mile loop. WRONG! Everything is still flooded from the rains months ago. In fact, Lake Shelbyville is still 8 feet over it's usual level. So we headed to Wolf Creek State park instead. Started out on a pretty isolated trail then scrapped that. WAY too many spider webs to dodge. So we found another trail that looped uphill & around the coves in the lake. Pretty nice actually. Ate after completing that then walked a while longer through the campground. Ended up doing only 6 miles though.

When we got back in the car & headed out, I noticed "things" on my legs. Kevin stopped & I realized that my legs were covered with this little creepy crawlies! I thought they were ticks & started having a panic attack! It was horrible. A park ranger stopped & assured us they were not ticks. Somewhere we got into a spider's nest...yep...we were covered in tiny spiders! ACK!

We stripped in the shower, sprayed everything down & bagged it all up.

I should add that this was the first time that Kevin ever saw me freak out like that. We are talking hyperventilating, cannot breathe, tears streaming down my face freak out!

AND I had little red bumps all over my legs where they bit me up. Those things didnt go away for a while actually!

NOTE TO SELF: Always use the really good bug spray when you bring it rather than saying "nah, we should be okay." Oops!

Have a FAB Friday all!


SuperDots said...

Oh my word. OK, so I can't believe YOU want to go hiking after that experience! haha! Hopefully that doesn't happen again-enjoy!

Mellissa said...

I would have flipped out!! You are braver than I for going again.