Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dare I say it?

This week is going by FAST! Really, I cannot believe it's Wednesday already! It's a good thing because this weekend passed so quickly! I need this weekend to get some stuff done.

Off the "to do" list is fertilizing the lawn & weeding the back flower garden though. I did that last night as well as picked up the house a bit & cleaned out some old stuff out of the linen closet.

Do you have a task you set out to accomplish each week?

For me, I've been trying to throw something away every week. So far, I've tossed an old decorative silk flower arrangement that was collecting dust & a pillow that Kevin brought over when he started staying over night. Another week, I cleaned out some stuff from underneath the upstairs bathroom sink & this week's clean-up was the linen closet to toss out old toiletry stuff. You know..the collection of Bath & Body Works stuff that seems to multiply like bunnies over the years! Gone!

My motivator? Moving. I know I need to rid myself of the clutter. I have a lot of stuff in my 3 bedroom house so I need to clear out stuff that I really dont need/use. I will be having a rummage sale or three along the way but also hope to sell some stuff on Ebay. I've just not officially started yet. Maybe this weekend I should set a goal to list a couple items. I have a stash of Mary Kay stuff that I need to clear out so maybe I'll start there.

The day has passed pretty quickly & I'm ready to head home already! Few more hours to go.

Trained this morning but passed on anything that has to do with my legs. I'm thinking I'll even skip cardio for tonight & go run in the morning instead. Monday's leg day (quad dominant) was brutal!

We'll see how I feel after running errands after work! I usually just end up hungry so I go home! Go figure!

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