Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday musings.

Morning & welcome to the new week! It seems like the days keep passing more quickly for some reason but right around the corner is the Memorial Weekend!!!!!!

It'll be a fun one for us. We are off to the campground with Kevin's brother for a weekend of beverage, boating & bonding! Oh & dont forget the smores!

Prior to that we are taking a day or so for ourselves & that is shaping up to include a trip to an Indiana vineyard where they make my FAVE wine! It's Oliver Winery. Super excited about that! More on that later!

This weekend was really laid back which was fine!

Mother's Day was indeed tough & for some reason it was harder this year than last. I opted to skip church inspite of getting up & starting to get ready. I just couldnt do it. So I went to breakfast with Kevin & his roommate instead. Came home & went for a LONG walk (over an hour), mowed the lawn, ran to the store, showered & ended up zonked on the couch. His parents had planned to go to the boat so we just had leftovers (the enchilada casserole was FAB!) Then we headed to Dairy Queen for dessert later. My treat was just a small chocolate dipped cone. Kevin had a small Snickers blizzard. I wanted the Peanut Buster parfait since that's what Mom always loved but I thought it would be too much so close to bedtime.

Nothing earthshattering on tap for this week. Biggest Loser finale is tomorrow night so I'll likely watch that with my friend. I'm so pulling for Tara. I see so much of myself in her & I want to see her succeed as a result!

On the fitness/diet front, things are moving right along. My workouts have been ON inspite of being tired of the gym. I split my cardio up a bit different than "prescribed" last week but still doing the same amount. I liked it better. It's a long session for 2 days then 2 shorter ones.

I am down a half pound (which makes me giggle) for the week. I didnt count macros last week & just ate when I was hungry but did try to keep the protein up still. I realize (thank you Lisa!) that I may not have to really drop 20 pounds this time around. I do know that my body took FULL advantage of the post show opportunity for some muscle growth. I'll be happy with 10-15 in reality!

I REALLY appreciate all the comments, suggestions, rants, etc on the blog. It's nice to be able to ramble away & read your feedback. It makes me think, giggle, smile, etc!

Have a fantastic week!


Anonymous said...

You're talking about the "healthy smores" version right??????????????


I have to post anonymous....booooooooo

Heather said...

Hahaha! NEVER! And typically they are made with Reese's PB Cups instead of plain ol' Hersheys! Sooooooo good!

Sportsgirl said...

I'll be sure to rant in your blog as much as I can... LOL!