Thursday, May 14, 2009

What happened to Thursday?

Wow, this day has passed unbelievably fast! Let's home for that to be repeated next week!

First, let me just say thanks so much for the comments on the posts. I really enjoy reading your thoughts on things too & it sometimes gives me a new perspective on things. I know that so many people struggle with living their "best life" each day & it just sucks because that's no fun!

I appreciate the compliments too. I've worked hard to get healthy & not be another victim of the family's curse of heart disease. It may still happen, I do realize that. But at least I'll know that I've taken care of myself!

So....the holiday weekend is shaping up nicely! We are headed to Central Illinois to Kickapoo State park! They have a 7.5 mile hiking course that's an out & back trail. I need to share the spider story from Labor Day 2008's trip..tomorrow..promise! Kevin was hesistant to agree to another hiking trip & you'll understand why! hehehe

We'll leave Thursday night & stay at a hotel near the park. Hike on Friday until we are tired & dirty then head to Champaign to stay overnight there. Saturday, we'll head to the lake to hang with Kevin's brother & his family. So fun. Sunday head home then on Monday night is my BFF's little guy's 3rd birthday party! I'm FLOORED that Grant will be 3 already. Time has really flown!

That's really it for today. It's been uneventful....cardio, eat, work, eat, cook dinner, eat.

I am keeping up with my workouts & eats on their new pages too!

Catch you tomorrow!


LaDonna said...

Hey Heather! I miss you over on Oxygen! Larry took me to Tuscalosa last week-end for mother's day. I believe that is pretty close to Champaign? Sounds like you are doing well. I need to visit here more often!

SuperDots said...

Ohhh, enjoy your hike! I wish Louisiana had some hiking trails...we have SWAMPS! Yippeee!!! They make mountain biking really fun and muddy, HA HA! It's more like trail riding than "mountain" biking.

Anyway--yes, let's hear it for the spider story! I'm glad Kevin was able to get past it and agree to go on another trip! I think nature is just so good for the soul--and to combine with physical activity is even better!