Sunday, May 17, 2009

A day of rest.

Not so much! Isn't Sunday, the Sabbath, supposed to be just that? A day for rest? Not in my world! Sometimes I feel like I never stop!

Backing up.

Yesterday found me in total snacky mode. I was eating what seemed to be all the darn time but then all the sudden, I was STUFFED! Not to mention super gassy. I'm not sure why but I could NOT get satisfied. I was afraid today was going to be that way too but it's not bad. I'm snacking but not nearly like yesterday was!

Last night, we watched Righteous Kill. Odd movie. I originally rented Traitor but minutes into the movie realized we'd already seen it. Oops! Dinner was homemade BBQ chicken pizza.

This morning I went to church then went to eat with my Dad & the gang (which inludes my uncle & his longtime girlfriend.)

I got my first training in for the week along with 30 min cardio session. My poor legs are killing me already. Cause? Front squats & sumo deadlifts. Love to hate them both!

Walmart was next on the list for some chicken dinner. Kevin requested BBQ chicken which I thought was odd since I'd just used both things for pizza last night. I'll be baking some sweet potatoes as well.

I realized that I dont have many pictures on the blog so I'll work on that.

Hope you are enjoying what's left of your weekend!

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