Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Health Disconnect

Interesting article on Yahoo today.



SuperDots said...

Well...I am guilty of this disconnect. My boyfriend and trainer friend at the gym think I'm nuts. They are constantly reminding me of where I was and how far I've come. Some days I'm good to go, no disconnect. Some days, the disconnect is there. Yesterday, the disconnect was definitely there. Today--not so much. Today I feel awesome and strong! Today I feel how I look-a fit individual. I think sometimes things like going "off plan" can trigger this disconnect. Also, I think some people rememeber what they weighed in college, or whatever part of their life, and want to be back there, even though they have HIPS now!

Anyway--interesting article! I think A LOT of people struggle with this. I don't think the new Oprah and Kirstie fat thing is goin to help, either-eeeks! Yeah, yeah, I know, nothing to do with this article! I just thought about it :-)

Heather said...

Good stuff Dotsie! Honest, I think if we all really look at how we've lived life. It's been focused on weight, size, etc as opposed to health. I'm equally guilty of this though I've been able to *mostly* get my head away from that.

I come from a family history of heart disease. My Grandmother was a slim woman & my Mom was just a bit overweight. It's just proof that it doesnt matter what size you are to be affected. So in reality, for me anyway, being a little overweight at the moment isnt awful because I know that I'm healthy. My blood pressure is in check, LDL is low & HDL is high, I eat well, exercise almost daily & am living well.

I think even realizing that the disconnect exists is a healthy step in the right direction!