Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I appreciate the comments on the video. I hope it hit home for some of you. It certainly makes you stop & think about the things we say to/about ourselves. It really does affect our lives far more than we think.

There's been a great discussion at Healthy Tipping Point today as a result of that video. That's where I saw it this morning & felt compelled to share!

We ARE who we present ourselves to be. If you feel insecure, you will portray that & people will wonder what could be so bad. On the flip side, when you carry yourself like you feel a million bucks you will command attention. People will begin to wonder who you are, what your secret is & how you can live such a great life.

How do people see you now?

I could go on & on about that stuff. It's just my heart to have people believe in themselves. If no one had done that for me then I'd still be an unhealthy person!

The day was a good one. Quiet at work but that's okay. The industry is picking up & we are bringing guys back to work so that is a good thing. A quiet office is not always a bad thing!

I did my first official food blog picture tonight with my dinner. I think doing that daily would be alot but what a great way to keep accountable to myself (& you all!)

I came across a blog that had a clip from an article that related that folks that blog their food tend to be healthier. I guess with all eyes watching it happens!

My days still include their fair share of "forbidden" things.

Here's a little list of my naughty delights:

*Candy corn with unsalted peanuts
*Cool whip ( all it's HFCS glory!)
*Coke Zero & Cherry Coke Zero
*McDonald's french fries (though it's been MONTHS!)
*Fair food (come on....who doesnt love a funnel cake?!?)
*Lofthouse cookies (truly a gift from Heaven!)
*Archer Farms (Target's brand) Monster trail mix

I'm sure there's more but those come to mind immediately.

Okay, so I digress. Anyway, things are good.

I need to pack for the weekend, charge the camera, drink my wine (a little Lambrusco) & plan to get to bed early tonight.

We are training in the AM & I might do a little cardio before that. We'll see what time I get to bed.

I will be around for just a bit tomorrow then AWOL until probably Tuesday. Will catch up then!

Have a FUN & SAFE holiday weekend!


Anonymous said...

McDonald's French Fries?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm in!!!!

Can I have a Frostie with them though too???????


vanessa40 said...

Hi Heather,
You have a wonderful weekend
I had the best pizza the other day
It was heavenly ...
I've missed chatting with you
I hope you and Kevin are having fun...