Friday, May 1, 2009

Finally Friday.....

Well, it's upon us. Friday. The day we all typicall focus on beginning on Monday morning when our feet hit the floor!

It's been a good week overall. Let's recap, shall we?

*The Bulls pulled off a FAB win last night against the Celtics BUT they kept me up past my bedtime with a 3 OT game! So, they take them on in Game 7 tomorrow night! Super exciting for a team that wasnt expected to hang in the playoffs this long!

*I've spent a bit of time reflecting after being challenged at church. Pastor Keith put out there a 60/60 challenge. Spend a few minutes (or whatever you choose) every 60 minutes you are awake to talk to God. THEN spend 60 minutes daily in prayer. Okay, I so failed already BUT what I have been doing it listening to worship music on the way home each day (think I failed yesterday.) It's been so amazing. I find myself singing along, remembering what God has done for me & knowing that He'll go before me no matter what. I dont even have to ask sometimes.

*Dad's doing good. I'm so humbled by things that have transpired. I'm grateful to still have my Dad. Business is picking up though it's still not great, it's better. My Uncle Dale is now working for us. It's quite a long story behind what's transpired in our family but I'll let it be known that my Mom's death brought peace among the family.

*I'm excited to spend a weekend of fun with my soon to be "in-law" family. We often do things with Kevin's parents but his brother & sister (along with their families) are at minimum a few hours away. I am so blessed & humbled again to have such a great family that I'm marrying into.

*I had fun baby shopping today for little Emma who will join us in July. She'll belong to Kevin's sister & BIL. She'll be beautiful. I already know!

*I've been able to gain insight into my own past struggles through sharing my experiences & getting things out of my head once and for all. Though I've not posted the blog yet, it's been very cathartic to get it out. I'm no longer that person. I'm no longer "Fat Heather" as I've called her many times before. I'm just me now. And I like that.

I'm sure I've missed something but that's good for now.

Be safe this weekend, enjoy your friends & family, be good to yourself & NEVER give up on who you want to be.

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