Friday, May 8, 2009

Woohoo Weekend!

It's finally here. The big weekend. Well, not really a big one in terms of things going on but it's just the weekend in general.

What shall I be doing? Probably mowing the lawn again. You wouldn't know that I just did it last Saturday! Rain + fertilizer = happy growing grass!

Tonight we are dining out & either seeing a movie (Wolverine would be FAB) or just wandering around.

Tomorrow I'm making chicken enchiladas & we'll rent a movie for home.

Knocked out my last training this morning & managed to do 20 minutes on the elliptical too. I was a sweaty pig when I was done. Anyone else sweat like that? I mean I'm SOAKED when I'm done. Kinda gross but I consider it a good day in the gym.

Kevin & I did a tour of the new YMCA last night. OMG, I'm in LOVE! I checked into volunteering & found that if you do a regular scheduled 3 hours/week then you get a free membership. Easy! Now if they'll just "hire" me. We wont be able to join as a "family" just yet because 1) we arent married & 2) dont technically live under the same household (must have a driver's license for proof.) So we'll just join individually & will probably do that next month. My hope is that I get hired to volunteer though! Filling out that application today & dropping it off tomorrow!

I really appreciate the comments from yesterday's ramblings. I am definitely taking control & am just going to continue doing all the right things. My focus has to be on health & if that means being a little heavier than I *want* to be then so be it. I see too many girls on the fitness forums who live so unhealthfully & dont realize they are pissing away life. I dont want to be one of them. I did that for too long but we all have those moments of frustration. I just want to be able to acknowledge them when they come up & move on. Ruminating on them & letting the negativity fester just is counterproductive. I refuse to live that way!

Have a FANTASTIC weekend everyone!


The Kelley Family said...

"My focus has to be on health & if that means being a little heavier than I *want* to be then so be it."

This is so well said. I finally came to terms with this the other day and amazingly I am a t peace with it. As long as I am healthy and happy that is what is important - not being a size whatever. I have a man and friends who loves me no matter what.

It's amazing the things you realize when you get older, lol!!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, when you let it be what it is and you just let it go, suddenly "it" happens and you don't even realize it. So, what does that little tid bit mean? Don't fret over those 20 pounds. Truth be told you probably don't really need to lose that much, and you HAVE lost a "whole person" worth of weight already girl. I mean...hello????? How incredible is THAT!?!?! Miss you at 02...but, I does get toxic over there at times. I'll just keep up with you here. Luv ya...LIS

Sportsgirl said...

Sounds like a great weekend Heather!

I think a lot of us want to be leaner than our body "naturally" allows. Unless you're prepping for a competition there is no need to be on a constant, strict diet.

You're right - so many are pissing away their life because they're afraid they're going to eat something wrong or pass up an opportunity to go to the gym.

I also see a lot of comments on boards about how regular people are the abnormal ones. Errrr, no, abnormal is people carrying around frickin' Tupperware containers of chicken breast and broccoli to your friends house for dinner. Normal is NOT worrying about what you're eating but choosing healthy options and keeping balance.

Sorry about the rant! LOL