Monday, June 29, 2009

A couple things.

1) Here is my dress from Target that I got. Mine's brown though. Love it! So comfy & lightweight for summer. I felt like a million bucks Saturday night :)

2) I watched myself in the gym this morning like I always do except this morning was different. I actually didnt find anything to critique. Yes, I still want to drop the extra pounds but I felt good about what I saw nonetheless. I think I actually for once saw what others see. Maybe actually dressing a little nicer on Saturday & not feeling frumpy did the trick!

3) Okay, more than a couple. Tomorrow is the last day of the month & I think it'll close with some weight loss progress. Not lots but some which is better than I've had in recent months while trying. Will likely update on that in the next day or so. Anyway, it just goes to show you dont have to be all OCD, counting every morsel you eat if you arent competing & living off chicken with green beans ;) Live life, love your body & it'll love you back! Now, if I could just quit the scale habit! Ahhhhhh, forget it. lol

That's all :)


Lady Rois said...

1) CUTE!!! And you did look even more lovely than usual!

2) Taking that exra bit of care really helps... my honey asks why I still wear make up on the weekends (usually just a little foundation to even things out) and that's the reason why - to help keep the frumpy feeling at bay.

3) Good luck on the scale thing. My break this month has helped me refocus on doing rather than measuring, and now I can go back to the weekly check in as just one measure of success.

4) I LOVED this: "I think I actually for once saw what others see."

Sportsgirl said...

Pretty dress! Target has some good stuff huh? I remember from when I was in the States visiting Matt.

I'm like Lady Rois... I still like wearing makeup even if I don't go out LOL. Sometimes I don't to give my skin a break but all I put on is eyeliner anyway. Even though no one really sees it, it makes me feel better. I think wearing nice clothes that make you feel good is important too... especially when you go out.

SuperDots said...

Cute dress!

I agree-nicer clothes=better attitude :-) at least for me it does!

Woohooo, bring on the progress!

Trainer T.s Fitness said...

I love the dress and I know your looking fabulous in it.

Keep at it, be consistant and that last little bit will burn right off. Your already beautiful the way you are, and I hope you see that.