Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's getting hot in herrrrrrrrre!

Okay, check this out. That was the temp on the way home yesterday at 4pm. That is also the current temp as of 1130am here in the Region. NUTS! This is so unseasonably hot for our area! Actually, the whole Midwest area is being slammed by high temps! Tack on the humidity. And no, my air isn't fixed yet. I stayed at Kevin's last night!

Today's been another quiet day in the office. Not much to do really but things are picking up for the guys so many will come back in the next week or so. It's been like feast or famine. I would prefer a nice steady stream of work (so would Dad, I'm sure!)

I've been really slacking about keeping up with the food but you'll have that. But I have been having smoothies daily for my first meal & they are soooo tasty. I had not bought into the whole Green Monster brigade but did toss some frozen spinach in my shake yesterday. I could taste the spinach but it wasnt awful. I just used frozen strawberries, organic skim, honey & FF plain yogurt. Today was the same combo but I added a banana & half scoop of vanilla protein (I used BSN) and it was perfect. Not spinachy at all. I'm REALLY bad about getting my veggies in daily so I thought this would be a good way to up that intake. I'm also going to start using Berry Greens or something similar again. It's like the Amazing Grass stuff you are seeing on the blogs.

We had alot of fun with my BFF & her family last night (hubby & little guy who's 3.) They made us steak, oven potatoes, cole slaw & I brought a salad. For dessert, she presented us with one of our summer staples....lowfat poundcake, fresh strawberries, vanilla ice cream & whipped topping. It's like heaven in a bowl ;)

Tonight I'm likely heading back to Kevin's house due to the heat. I feel sooo guilty leaving Alex at the house but I think he's been fine. He's eating still so I'm not overly worried. He'd go to Kevin's with me but his roomie is allergic (though I'm not sure how bad his allergies are.) We'll be fixed tomorrow afternoon!

Hope you are enjoying your day & the blessings that life is bringing your way!

ps...thank you SOOOOOOO much for the kudos on a good doctor's report! I cannot tell you how big of a relief it is to know (like Marcia said) that I've kicked genetic's ass! I always say I live this lifestyle for health & this just is proof that it works!

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Heather said...

Sounds like everything is going well - except that it's hotter than Hades! Bleah!