Thursday, June 4, 2009

Is healthy a relative term?

Okay, I'm probably going to get a little ranty here but I read a couple things on a message board that irritated me.

Someone posted a "healthy" muffin recipe (okay, not being so secretive here) & was lambasted for it not being healthy according to someone else's definition. It uses flour (gasp), REAL sugar (gasp again) & even mentions adding Splenda for extra sweetness.

Okay. None of that seems that unhealthy to me! I use real sugar myself because I dont like artificial sweeteners. It's in my baking & in my coffee if I have it, etc. And white flour can be easily substituted (she even indicates that on the recipe.)

So why on earth does someone else make it their mission to flame or continue to comment on what's healthy or not. Not once but TWICE?!?

To me, healthy is using the most natural ingredients. Sugar is more natural that some chemically manufactured sweetener.

Next thing they'll say is that fruit is bad & has too much sugar. Oh wait, someone already has!

How do YOU define healthy? Do you take it to extremes or just strive to live within normal boundaries?

We weren't meant to live off chicken breast & broccoli folks!

ps...never say that a figure competitor doesn't belong on stage or isnt ready. You have NO idea what road they traveled to get on stage & what they've overcome to get there!

/rant (lol)


Genie said...

Rant on woman!!! *claps* WOO HOO!

Anonymous said...

Healty is what YOU define it.
I considering eating good, "natural" home made food most of the time. Then I also consider it "healthy" to eat nachos, popcorn at the movies and a Wendy's Frostie now and again (even better if it's with fries) :)


Cause it's "healthy" for my BRAIN and MIND.

I don't need to sign my can tell by the fries who this is

Lady Rois said...

OMG have you seen the flames on the sparkpeople recipes that DARE to use REAL butter, sugar, and flour?!

The NERVE of some people. ROFLOL!

What drives me buggy/makes me laugh are the people who stress over what's 'clean' food... I mean, asking questions like "is watermelon clean?"

::bangs head on desk::

Genie said...

I clean all of my watermelon before I cut it and eat it. ;)

FitCrazedMomma said...

Nice! :)
People need to chill out and live life already!!
I just had a PB filled pretzel nugget ( the fake PB) that was covered in milk chocolate. It was delicious. Think I might have one more!

vanessa40 said...

Hi Heather,
You know i use to think like that..but i never flamed anyone. I figure to each his own..I use to be so anal about what i ate..i was the chicken and broccoli queen. I feel so much better now that i'm eating real food and still being healthy.

Heather said...

I really love the comments on this post. Sometimes you worry about offending but's MY blog.

Now everyone is commanded to have some fries, a frosty & some chocolate covered pretzels...PRONTO!

Mellissa said...

There are two extremes and both are just as disordered. Life is all about balance in everything, and its ok to have a french fry or a glass of wine or a Wendy's Frosty. It's also ok to eat fruit, veggies and some protein. I don't want to live my life only eating certain foods.

Jamie said...

I posted on that thread and said "Healthy is subjective" because I totally agree.

I think its ridiculous that she was flamed for her recipe. Healthy is not one size fits all.

Sportsgirl said...

Where's the thread? LOL

Sportsgirl said...

Ok, I found it. I should have known it would be there.

Fucking crazy.

Maybe she meant that it isn't "clean" LOL