Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oh happy day, happy day....

...cute, huh? It's a song we sing in church. The rest of the line is washed our sins away! The best thing about this song is that my friend's 3 year old song will sing the chorus. Well, really he just sings that line but it's beyond precious! It often runs through my head! It's a fun song to take a listen if you care to!

So how's the day treating you thus far? It's early here still. Only 915am in the Region but it's off to a great start!

Cranked out a quad workout with Kevin this morning. Oh man were my legs on fire! The workouts this month are split in 2 leg days again. It doesnt allow us to work a weekend run into our schedule due to such soreness so I'm rearranging for next week for 1-midweek leg day instead.

How do you schedule your workouts? Or do you just wing it?

The day's plan is to get my car (well, it's a Blazer so truck I guess) emissions tested. Plates are due to expire this weekend (yes, I'm a procrastinator), get stuff for dinner (making BBQ chicken pizza) & countdown the hours to the end of my day! lol

Tonight we are dining at my house then heading to Kevin's to see the guy who's doing the plumbing in the basement. Kevin's been finishing his basement..home theater room is done but the bathroom & kitchen area isnt. It appears that he's trying to get that all done before his bride moves in in February ;)

For the weekend, we may go see a movie if Angels & Demons is in the Five Buck Club or maybe just rent one to veg at home.

Other things on the agenda include....laundry, sweeping, cleaning & hopefully more napping on the patio!

Happy almost weekend!!!!

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Trainer T.s Fitness said...

I always plan my workouts. I saw your blog on another page, I can't wait to know more about what your about.
Trainer T. aka Teresa