Saturday, June 20, 2009


It's pretty hot here in Valpo today at a warm 85 degrees! But yesterday topped out at 93. Not so comfy with the humidity! ugh!

Oh why so complainy? air conditioning isnt working at my house! We slept at Kevin's last night but he's at work today. Fortunately, it's pretty breezy outside & it's not too bad in here at the moment!

Today's been productive. Did an hour of cardio this morning. I only intended to do 45 min but found The Ultimate Fighter marathon while I was on the treadmill so kept on until that hour was up. Good stuff!

I ran to the store from there, came home & had a smoothie then started mowing the lawn. It was sooooooooooooooo hot that I was soaked when I was done. Honestly though, it always feels good to sweat.

I also baked some of these Peanut Buttery Bars for my Dad for Father's Day but also a batch for Kevin & I. They are pretty tasty & not super sweet. I may try next week's batch with the chocolate chips. I made them to be a pre-workout bar. Yum!

Not sure what our agenda is for this evening. Will find that out when Kevin calls. I wouldn't mind either going to the boat (Blue Chip Casino) or heading to New Buffalo (in Michigan) to eat & walk the beach.

I really want to thank everyone for the great comments on the posts over the last couple days. It's so refreshing to read them & be not only encouraged but challenged to continue to be a better me! It speaks volumes about the folks that I'm connected with through blogland & truly helped me find peace with so many areas of my life!!!

Oh. One last thing....I got the proof yesterday for our Save the Dates & got all teary-eyed! I'm so excited!!!! I can't wait to get them & send them out!!!!!

Have a relaxing day!

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Lady Rois said...

You had me at Peanut Buttery Bars... LOL! I sooo have to make those, and send some to my dad!

Hugs and thank YOU for being the best you possible!