Friday, June 19, 2009

Food recall!

I just got this via email & thought I'd share. Nestle has announced a big recall as a result of E. Coli!

Here's the scoop courtesy of WebMD.

Not much to report from me today! Been doing alot of talking with friends today, finding myself in such a good place mentally & realizing that it's been achieved through not only their help but also from reading some blogs that just focus on living as opposed to the obessesions that are learned (yes, learned) through the fitness boards!

So nice to have my head in a good place again!

I'll catch up this weekend!

Be safe!

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Lady Rois said...

I read about the recall and went on a rant to a co-worker how people just need to take responsibility for their food and it's preparation... grrr...


It's so awesome that you've found the happy head space again! I know that I feel more uplifted from reading about the life journey rather than just "I ran 8 miles" or "I burned 500 calories and ate this much".

As you said - the obsessions are learned and if you continually surround yourself with that message, it really drags you down.

I know that right now I'm really focused on my healthy/fitness goals for a specific reason - If I'm going to be helping people reach /their/ goals, then I need to prove to myself that /I/ can do it. But the life lessons and apprectiation for the process are abundant and I'd much rather focus on that any day! :)