Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I'm soooooooo tired this evening & while it's only 645pm here in Valpo, I'm ready for bed! I went to bed at a decent hour last night but was awakened by my neighbor's daughter playing music MUCH too loud at almost midnight. I had a difficult time falling back asleep & thus my whole sleep cycle was well...screwed.

I did manage to get my cardio in after work though along with a few stability ball crunches. Dinner was DIVINE!!!! Some Baked Tostitos, a bit of goat cheese & hummus in each one. Yes, I take the time to do that. It keeps me from eating out of the containers & chips from the bag. Portion control :) Sooooooooooo good!

I really appreciate the comments about yesterday's post too! I want to say that I do have a very laid back job & mostly wear gym clothes to work but I do put on make-up almost every day! On the weekends, I get a little more dressed up to go out but it's still mostly casual so it was fun to put on my dress (which is still casual really.)

I have to say that I'm starting to feel like my old self again. Who I was when my Mom died & my world was shattered. I got a little obsessive about eating healthy but I felt good. It's been almost 3 years since that time & it's good to feel like me again. I was forever changed during that time & it's hard to be honestly. I've had some great times in the time since then. I dont want to make it sound like I've been living like a zombie. Here's what's transpired....

*Ran my second full marathon (in Mom's honor)
*Met the man that will become my husband
*Competed in 2 figure competitions
*Made my first visit to Universal Studios Orlando & Walt Disney World
*Became closer with family that became torn apart by circumstances

I'm sure there are more but those are the things that stand out to me. I love who I am & who I've become inspite of the tragedy & sadness that life has brought my way. I continue to live each day to be a better person, take care of myself so that I can live my "best life" & enjoy the blessings as they come!

Have a great evening all!

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SuperDots said...

Heyyyy! I totally understand when you say you wanted to go to sleep and it was only 6:45! That is so me at least once a week!

I like your method for not eating out of the containers! Also, it looks nicer and has a fancier feel :-) hehe!

Fun casual summer dresses are awwwwesome! I have a few from little boutiques around here.

You've accomplished a lot in the last three years. I know it's not really comparable, but it took a good 2.5-3 years after Hurricane Katrina to REALLY get my life back and feel like myself. Pre-Katrina I was a confused almost college grad and in an abusive relationship. Hurricane hit, and I was TOAST. It took some time to heal from all of it. The last year has been great--I totally understand.

I try to live my best life, too!