Monday, June 8, 2009

Sunday Fun-day!

The weekend turned out to be quite nice!

Saturday night, we headed out to the Taste 5 Food & Wine festival in downtown Valparaiso. I was surprised to learn that my FAVE aunt was in town from Orlando. She's a flight attendant for Southwest & flew in for what will be a while. My other aunt has been in the hospital so she's here to help.

We had fun..a glass of sangria & a couple beers. Listened to some bands, chatted & just enjoyed time with family! It was so nice out that we drove around a bit then headed to BW-3 for another beer before heading home.

Another surprise on Sunday when I walked in church & saw my Grandma sitting there (this is my Dad's side of the family btw.) Church was a great service about Psalm23:4 & valleys. Pastor made the point that if you arent in a valley yet or havent come through one recently then be expecting one. Nice, eh? lol But he's right. Next week he's talking about the strongholds that keep us in those valleys. I'm looking forward to that.

I decided to have breakfast with the family (Dad, his ladyfriend, aunt & Gram, uncle & his girlfriend.) It took forever but it was nice to visit & watch them eat their greasy goodness. I still get picked on for my food but I they also appreciate me taking care of myself ;)

I had been texting with Kevin & we decided to head to my Grandpa's house with everyone later for a little fishing & impromptu dinner. KFC & all the fixins, broccoli salad, lemon torte cake & Dad's cabbage, sausage & noodles were carried in so my Grandpa didnt have to cook.

Kevin & I "supervised" the fishing. Grandpa has a nice sized, stocked pond out back. The take home stash was 4 decent sized bass & a few blue gills. The catfish were elusive & not one was hooked!

My Aunt Pat took the prize for biggest catch!
She got that huge bass & my Grandpa thought she needed help holding it ;) lol He was set free because that's the rules! Gramp's like to leave the bigger ones in the pond for spawning. The little'ens are also tossed back in.

It was really alot of fun & it was so great to spend that time with family. They are the most important people in my world & I couldn't have survived some of life's hardest times without them! I thank God for them :)


Trainer T.s Fitness said...

You are blessed to have a wonderful family.

Wow that fish is HUGE! Way to go for her, and btw my mom does catch and release too :-)

Lady Rois said...

I need to come to your church, me thinks, because OY have I built up a major fortification in my little valley! But you can't get to the peaks without crossing some valley's along the way.

Way to go A. Pat!