Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Do you ever......

....have those moments where you are so hungry, nothing sounds remotely good, you don't feel like cooking yet you know your stomach is going to start eating itself if you don't get food in there?!?

So yea, that's the kind of night I've had! I did get my errands done. Grocery store for water & stir-fry stuff for tomorrow. Home to drop that stuff of (debated food then too) but left to run to Target for a baby gift instead. Came home again...wanting to eat my cat & finally settled on something to eat. And I got the dishes done too. OH, need to put laundry in the dryer.

I'm currently watching Ghost Hunters & they are recapping their results from being at the Waverly Sanitorium. Very creepy but I wonder what's real & what's not. Since I don't know better, I'll just draw from my own experiences & believe what I want :)

I updated my eats for today. Is it annoying to have to check another page to see that? I just thought it would be better so they don't lost in my ramblings!

I think that's enough excitement from me today! I'm feeling good about where life's led me today. I'm a little sad sometimes with how certain things have come to be but in the end it's all making me a stronger person. So with that, I'll just thank the Lord for the blessings & move along "to the next" as my great-grandmother used to say.


SuperDots said...

I'm really glad you didn't eat your cat! ;-)

Mellissa said...

Glad you didn't eat your kitty ;)

Lady Rois said...

Ditto... thought I have a feeling you threw that in to see if we were paying attention. ;)

But yes, when I get hungry... really hungry, I get beyond the point of wanting food. It's a weird place.

Amanda said...

I totally understand about the hungry but not feeling like eating bit. I think I just get bored with food sometimes. Wouldn't it be nice if we all had our own personal chef to whip up something creative yet healthy for us when need be? haha I just found your comment in my blog today. Thanks for following! :o)