Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hump day!

It's mid-week & I'm ready for the weekend. Is that bad? It's been rainy the last couple days & threatens to be the same this weekend but I'm still looking forward to it!

So to my surprise, Kevin said he'd go see the PCD if I wanted him too. Yea, it's what I want though I'm sure the fact that they are provocatively clad hot girl group weighs in too ;) lol Tickets aren't even on sale yet so I'll check it out! I love that some of you would join me & even got a Britney confession! hahaha

AND thanks so much for the comments on yesterday's "happy" post too. I really think that if we live our lives to the fullest it really does make a difference. I've had my share of heartache in my life but I do my best to not let it consume me though sometimes a little cry-fest does the body good!

I opted to sleep in today & will hit up cardio after work! The gym was soooooooooooooooo hot yesterday but since I love a good sweat I didnt mind too much. Anyone else feel like their workout is better if they leave a sweaty pig? My fave is when I have to go to the store or something after a good one! Oh the looks I get!

I'm working on capturing all food via photo today. Oddly enough, the phone on my Blackjack is working well & produces decent pics. You can check that out here.

Okay, I should tend to the bit of work that I have to do today!

Oh & I joined Blog to Lose so check that out (link button to the right.) I'm just trying to put the blog out there more. Also working on another way to do that.

Happy Wednesday!

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Kathi said...


Thanks for checking in on me I SO appreciate it. I did have a few "treats" yesterday but I am back in the game today.
Has been a busy day. Did get a chance to take pictures of all my food
Thanks again!!