Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lemme off!!!!

I want off this crazy rollercoaster of a day! My best friend called last night to share news with me but I was already in bed. I had to get the news via email & I'll just say it's overwhelming & sad. It really took my breath away but I feel better. All we can do is pray for guidance in this situation.

The day otherwise has been decent. Payroll, taxes & union reports all fall this week so it's a busy day which is never a bad thing!

Lunch was tasty. I grabbed a bag of lettuce, a can of garbanzo beans & some feta to make a hearty salad. I'll have some leftovers for tomorrow to.

Tonight's agenda is finding mindless TV (aren't the Housewives of NJ on?), unpacking the dishwasher & making some dinner. In the fridge, I have some black beans, corn that was cut off the cob & cheese. I'm thinking a wrap of sorts so will stop & grab a package of those on the way home.

I'm also almost out of the icky almond drink (Almond Dream)that I got last week so am debating Almond Breeze or organic milk. I've finally gotten to a place (more post-show aftermath) where I no longer need to take digestive enzymes daily & am trying to work in that one last thing (that being milk) back into my regime. I dont use alot but would love the real thing in my morning smoothies or cereal once again.

I need to think about that. Any thoughts?


SuperDots said...

Blah! We need some good stuff happening in your life!

I've been dreaming up different wraps, too...lol.

I would try the real thing and see how it works, maybe??

Mellissa said...

I use Almond Milk in my protein shakes and oatmeal but I say go for the real thing.

Lady Rois said...

{{hugs}} The poor bunny and now this.

{{more hugs}}

Sportsgirl said...

I can't believe how much that contest prep screwed up your body!!

Sorry about the sad news :-/