Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Get big?

Do you ever have those days that you dont feel entirely chatty? I'm having that sort of week. Blame PMS!

I wanted to share this article by Leigh Peele. It's about women's muscularity & getting "bulky." Good stuff & the comments are equally good. Any thoughts?

Let's see, what's up with me?

*I whacked my head with the car door when I stopped for coffee this morning. Sporting a decent knot that's pretty tender.

*I have NO food in my house thus not really keeping the
food page updated. Last night's dinner consisted of corn tortillas with cheese & a small can of vegetarian baked beans. Nice, eh? lol

*We trained legs this morning & did 20 min incline walking. They burn going up stairs (nice having a 2 story house!)

*Plan to get a few groceries after work today after running errands.

*May squeak in a light cardio so I can sleep in tomorrow.

That's a wrap :)


SuperDots said...

PMS is the pits!

Sorry about you head! Ouch!

I don't think last night's dinner sounds too!

Well, I can't wait until you're feeling a little more chatty---I like your thoughts and words of encouragement!

SuperDots said...

I read the article--very interesting. Now, I do realize the camera crew was focused mainly on the prissy-er chicks, but sheesh--they were WERE kind of brutal. I mean, I wonder if the "Amazon woman" would have been as brutal towards THEM?? Interesting.

Lady Rois said...

What is it about PMS that totally sucks the creative life out of us?!

Really liked that article - especially the "I have a broader view of what I see as attractive, strong, and pretty." comment and the "where do we go from here?" list at the end.

Since embarking on the journey down the rabbit hole I find it fascinating that, as far as women have come over the last century+, there's soooo many body image issues, with the 'bulky' argument being one of them.

I particularly loved Leigh's statement, "Don’t judge others for what they want to do." paired with your blog from a few weeks ago about stopping the body hate thinking.

Lady Rois said...

BTW I just watched the video and could barely make it through... basically SuperDots summed it up.

Hello? I may not have muscles but at least I have Tiffany's?! What the.. does that have to do with anything? Grrr.

I did love the fact that they were threatened by the "Amazon" women, and were devoutely defending their teammates... but will probably end up in a cat fight against those same women just for Mr. Beefcake's attention.

Trainer T.s Fitness said...

Thanks for this share, I bookmarked it. I found it a very good read and want to share it.

I always enjoy your stuff :-)

Anonymous said...

I am a little behind but I just read the link about getting bulky. I have to say I was really surprised at the results. I thought bulky would be the body builder type not simply definition. I didn't realized the majority of people (in that poll) tought differently.


thanks for the enlightenment.