Monday, June 1, 2009

Sleepy head!

So. The alarm went off this morning & it was our intention to hit the gym for cardio. It was storming (bad) out so we opted to not go! I'll head out tonight since I took yesterday off (note to self..update workouts page.)

The weekend ended on a nice note. Saturday we ventured to the Lighthouse Mall in Michigan City then over to the Blue Chip Casino boat for a little play (big spender here with my $2) but we had a beer & watched the Orlando game. Kevin got a text about the previously mentioned bonfire but we'd just arrived at the boat so stayed there.

Yesterday was a slightly busy but partly lazy day too. I went to church, picked up Kevin's lawnmower (mine's still on the fritz), ran to the store & then decided I wanted to veg out on the patio so I did! It was so nice to just sit out there in the sun & totally veg. I actually fell asleep for a bit too! I have NO idea how long I was out there but I was pretty pink last night!

This is the flower bed that my Mom's friend put in for me in her honor. Mom LOVED butterflies so everything planted attracts them. It's so nice! I added the birdfeeder myself & the decorations are in part from me, my aunt & the ladies that put it in for me.

The cat also loves it because of all the birds I get plus the rabbits who like to feed on the plants! He's equally entertained!

Tonight, my Dad is coming to finally fix my hot water heater. The replacement part was sent to me by the company since it's under warranty (my house was built brand new just 3.5 years ago.) It was a faulty part. And my savvy negotiation skills got it shipped for free as well! It's in the blood!

I think it'll be a quiet week in my world. We'll see!

Hope you are off & running with a great start to the week!

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