Thursday, June 25, 2009

Say hello to my little friend!

Happy almost Friday!!! This morning I had to be dragged (almost literally) out of bed! I'm a sleepy girl for some reason. It's likely the heat. Yea, we'll blame that!

Kevin was a very nice boy & took me to dinner last night! I had my all-time favorite chicken lemon rice soup with chicken shish-kabobs for dinner. They are so yummy. Fortunately, I got full so I have a full kabob for lunch too!

So we leave the house this morning for the gym & I see something walking down the road. I pull up beside it & it's a pretty large snapping turtle! It stopped dead in it's tracks when I stopped. I couldnt dig my camera out of my purse from behind my seat but fortunately Kevin stopped too & caputured it via camera phone. It's a little fuzzy but you get the idea!

There's a good sized pond in part of the subdivision so he likely wandered out from there! So fun! I'm such a sucker for wildlife & animals. I think half my camera is pictures of birds in my yard, the bunnies & my cat! lol Oh & one of Wrigley (Kevin's parents dog) that had to be put to sleep a couple months ago :(

Not much on tap for today other than work until 230ish then heading home to meet the air guy. Hopefully it'll be a fast fix & I'll be on my way to a cooler home by 4pm! We are just going out to dinner tonight since I didnt want to cook in my hot house so it'll be something simple.

This weekend might entail car shopping. Some really handsome man is in the market for a fun car! hehehe


Trainer T.s Fitness said...

Sheesh hope your air gets fixed today! Sorry I missed your blog yesterday I am having a crazy week.

I thank you for stopping by mine and I do try not to have bad foods in the house. My man, thats another story its a battle.

Love the pic, and I am a sucker for nature. Love animals and trees and all that too. Glad you got dinner out and I hope you have a Rockstar workout today....then get a nice cool house to settle into bc those kababs are making me hungry :-)

SuperDots said...

OH MY GOSH I love the turtle!!! YAY thanks for sharing!

Enjoy dinner tonight!

FitCrazedMomma said...

Does the hot weather bring out the turtles?? I saw one ( I think it hissed at me-do turtles hiss??? ) the other day while running. It was crawling away from the water though. Crazy turtle-it's HOT!