Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I moved?

From the weather lately, you'd think that my "world" had been transplanted in the deep south! It's been very hot & humid here. Today & tomorrow forecast in the low 90's which are temps we dont normally see until mid-July or August. Global warming?!?

Last night, I stayed at my non-air conditioned house because I felt bad leaving the cat alone again. It was warm but I just slept in front of a fan. I keep thinking how this is saving my power bill & how many people have to live this way all the time. I can stay at Kevin's house if needed (which I'm doing tonight.) I've also not been running the air in my car as well.

Kevin & I actually spent time emailing last night trying to firm up details of our Save the Dates for the wedding. We actually added a picture & then our contact information will be on there as well. I cannot wait to see the finished product & send them out to our family! They will love them! My family is SOOOOOOO huge that we've limited it to aunts & uncles along with just a few very close family friends (those who we grew up around.) It was hard to cut down the invites again but it had to be done! People will be hurt/angry but it's unavoidable.

Tonight we are having dinner with my best friend & her hubby. They have a little guy too but I suspect that Auntie Hammer will be trumped by the super cool John Deer tractor that he got for his birthday! lol We are grilling out & I'm brining a salad. It'll be nice to veg out with them!

Still waiting on the word from my doctor too & really appreciate the good thoughts!

Anyone read The Engine 2 Diet? I came across this book online & it's a diet (duh) developed by a vegan firefighter. He helped many of his fellow brothers drop their cholesterol. I'm not looking for a "diet" perse but just like to read stuff like this. Will let you know what my thoughts are if I remember!

Hope your day is going well & you are keeping cool!

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