Thursday, June 18, 2009


Well, this morning I was going to share about my experience donating blood last night but instead I'm shifting gears!

I know we all read alot of the same blogs & sometimes it seems we fuel off one another with topics. This will be another one of those times.

Have you read Goodbye to the Obsession at Oh She Glows? Watch the video too. It'll make you stop & think.

Then go check out Operation Beautiful at Healthy Tipping Point. And while you are there look at the pics at the end of this post from reader's of Caitlin's blog that have already joined in. The two that hit me the most were the ones on the Slimfast & the one on the scale. They brought tears to my eyes.

It really struck me this morning because last night as I changed into my jammies & headed in the bathroom, I stood in the mirror looking at myself. Awful words came out of my mouth. I said "looking good fat ass." I'm not joking & as I sat down to go to the bathroom, I apologized to myself.

Why would I say such a thing knowing full well that I've been doing great, making progress, weight is dropping little by little. I'm ONLY 20 pounds heavier than I want to be. I've still MAINTAINED a loss of 100 pounds. So why oh why would I even beat myself up?!? It was totally stupid & I kid you not when I said I made myself apologize.

Do you say negative things about yourself, discount compliments given by others, think or do things that are not respectful to your body, mind or soul? Do you want to stop?

Do you know HOW to stop? What step will you make today to stop the insanity?

I think I did pretty well last night with the apology. I've actually been so pumped about seeing changes with my body again that I've not said things like that in a while. I will not let that continue!

Will you do it too? Be an empowered, BEAUTIFUL woman who loves herself, taking care of the only body & life that you have?



SuperDots said...

Whoa, Heather!

I have done it--I did it yesterday. I was bashing myself post workout, getting ready for work in the locker room. I caught myself and tried to calm down. A few hours later--I was happier, and I was looking in the mirror and making note of some changes--mostly in the belly area. I find it so strange how we feel about our bodies at different times of the day. This past Wednesday I got off a piece of cardio equipment because it kept making me see myself in a mirror, and I did NOT like what I saw. Then yesterday, as I am doing squats, I am in the mirror and I thinking to myself, "damn, girl, you are kicking ass with these squats! liking the legs!." Strange, eh?

I don't know how to make the self-bashing/sabotage stop. I try to give myself a littl pep talk or eat really well that day and keep up the workouts. I guess you could say I try really hard to discourage myself. I keep note of the little accomplishments--like, most recently-having to go up a couple levels on the stepmill because my HR was not getting high enough on that one level I started with and felt like I was "dying" on. Also, this is probably too much information--but ever heard of camel toe?!?! Ummmmm YEAH, I had to put a couple pairs of pants and capris away. Well, guess what? NO MORE camel toe in these pants and capris! So...I try reallyyyyyy hard to remember these little accomplishments.

It's just hard---some people just aren't or can't get into such a strong mindset of NOT bashing themselves...and I don't know how to help those people. I wish I did.

SuperDots said...

I have to make an edit---

I try really hard NOT to sabotage myself!!! Whoops!

B said...

great post!

I work on a eating disorder unit, it's sad what girls/ women put on themselves - a lot of self hatred and chasing after ideals thats don't even exist

I always tell them - be good to yourself- usually they tell me months later those simple words mean alot.

Lady Rois said...

*whew* so glad you didn't DOUBLE DOG Dare me!

I totally love the Operation Beautiful! I am going to arm myself with a stack of pre-written postynotes for the next time I go out and about. (I already read my 'happy and healthy' affirmations every day. :)

Sportsgirl said...

It made me sad thinking that you said that to yourself :-( Did you accept the apology? ;-P

I always feel like I have big ego cos I always think I look pretty good, even when I'm bigger than I want to be. Sometimes I get frustrated with how I look but I don't ever bash myself.