Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sign of the times?

I wonder how many may think that's a bad thing. Yet, it's totally not my intention.

First things first...the water heater is FINALLY fixed. Dad took care of it last night & it was sweet music to my hears to hear it running. I swear that thing sounds like a jet taking off when the gas lights. So I took a HOT shower at home for the first time since last Sunday. Yes, I've been showering..either a cold one at home or decent one at Kevin's.

Back to the "sign of the times." I woke up this morning & was out the door on time to meet Kevin at the gym (we have a 530am date on training days.) It's day #1 of this month's training program. It was a good workout. I'll head back after work for cardio. I try to split them when I can.

Got to work & sat down to emails. Then it hit me. I feel good. I mean I feel really good. I've been eating well, not tracking calories or anything (though I still have a rough tally in my head) & know I'm eating enough. I'm successfully cutting processed/unnatural things out of my diet & am not fixated on things that programs tell me I can or cannot have. I'm eating.

I've been a little irritated with the scale not shifting much either but it's shifting down little by little. AND I'm noticing a better appearance in my "trouble" areas. Did the cavemen get on a scale & let it dictate how they felt about themselves? I wonder. Who created the scale & what made that person decide that it was a good measure to have? Oh sheesh, I could rant on...lol

I guess for me it really all boils down to knowing that I'm doing all the right things for my life & for my health. Other things will fall into place as a result & I'm happy with that outcome..whenever it comes.

Are you happy with you today? I mean not the number the scale tells you or what size jeans you are wearing either. Are you living well? Enjoying the blessings in front of you & taking time to smell the roses?

If you arent, I do believe you are missing out!


SuperDots said...

First-YAY for the water heater working!

I used to split my weights and cardio too. No reason in particular, just did.

Why do you split?

Would you consider just once a week, combining the two?

I never did, until I started working out with the buddy. I LOVE it--we only do it once a week. I think the change was good. Maybe if you just tried it a couple times and see how you like it? Lift a little lighter than you normally would...

YAY for feeling really good-always awesome!

The scale and the person who invented it is a moron! Moving on...

AND, to answer you question--YES, today I am quite happy with my little ole self! :-D Why? Because I totally rocked my cardio this morning and I'm all "yaaaay!" about it!

Mellissa said...

I am a very happy today, things are going well. I am healthy, have energy and am just enjoying life right now.

Jamie said...

I'm happy with myself today :)

Finally in a good place after 3 days of hell.

I love this blog, it's been too long since I've been here!

Anonymous said...

Of course I'm happy!!!!!!!!!

Then again, I don't own a scale. Haven't for about 2 years now. Throwing it out was possibly the most liberating thing I've done.

I'm happy that you're happy. Makes me smile


Lady Rois said...

Yay for hot showers! Take 2, just cuz you can! :)

As for the happy... I'm closer than I was. Love it when you have friends who help shed light on things you're struggling with. Sometimes just figuring one piece of the greater puzzle out makes all the other bits fall into place, and can get you back on the path to happy.