Thursday, June 18, 2009

Saving lives!

So yesterday while reading the Times, I came across the American Red Cross article that listed blood collection sites for this week. I used to donate on a regular basis when I lived in Vegas but have been a bit of a slacker since I moved home over 6 years ago. Just giving at random times with no real schedule. So I decided to put on my big girl panties & head over there after running errands.

I got there, did the interview that asks the most random questions ever. Got the look because my blood pressure & pulse run low (I took it as a compliment) then commended for a good iron level (thank you to all the beans I eat!)

Get to the collection chair & then it begins. She cannot find a vein so this guy working there offered his services. No biggie. I'm usually a hard stick. They find one & start going to town. Well, it's a slow bleed. Like molasses slow! Almost 90 minutes later & 3/4 of a full bag, he decides to stop. That was all preceeded by the shifting of the needle (by 2 people,) repositioning the line, reclining me all the way back with knees to my chest & making me drink a Sprite with all it's sugary goodness.

I was a sad girl thinking I had bad veins but come to find out it was the canula & it's line. Gee thanks...I'm not broken :) lol

I still got my stickers for a job well done (well, sorta.)

And the evidence of the stick.

I was fearful that it wasn't going to stop bleeding though. Once I'm stuck, it usually doesn't stop right away & the tech didn't believe me until he removed the needle.

But in the end, I told him that I didn't mind the discomfort of the ordeal because someone, somewhere is laying in a hospital bed waiting for that A negative blood that I just donated. They've been hurting for whatever reason so my moments of ouchie were worth it to know that I am priviledged enough to be able to save someone's life!

Do you give blood? Platelets? Ever considered it?


Amanda said...

What a trooper you are! I hate having my blood drawn and have problems with my vein collapsing and bleeding after. Props to you for putting those panties on and giving blood! Even if I didn't have my blood clotting disease (hence I can't donate), I don't think I could do that. Go Heather! :o)

PS, I have that same Netrition shirt and wear it entirely too much (or so says Jeff lol)

Trainer T.s Fitness said...

Yes I have gave blood and its a wonderful gift. Good for you, your an earth angel.