Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Okay, being a bit of a slacker with all kinds of posting lately, let alone catching up with your blogs. I'm trying.....

Here's the scoop!

This weekend was fun! Friday night we dined with Kevin's roommate & his girlfriend. We planned on seeing Terminator but time wasn't on our side so we opted to stay in Valpo & see The Hangover instead. Holy farking hilarious (pardon my french!) This movie was soooooooooooooooo soooooooooooooooo sooooooooooooooooooo funny! It's a bit crude...very Super Bad-esque but if that's your thing, you'll love this movie! There's one particular "scene" that we keep re-enacting. It's funny!

On Saturday, I attended a baby shower for a friend that's due just after Kevin's sister. She's a gym friend but her hubby (& FIL) work for my Dad. It was very nice & I partook in some goodies along with a couple glasses of her Dad's lime "punch." Tasty! I also walked away with a door prize of a nice bottle of Shiraz. Yum!

Headed home & had time to change for our next outing. We had dinner with Kevin's Grandma at Applebee's. I've not been there in forever. More goodies for appetizer..spinach artichoke dip split 3-ways! Then just a salad for dinner.

After that (told you we were busy) we attended a fundraiser that benefits Out of the Darkness Community Walk. One of the top fundraisers there is Barb Smich & the benefit was on behalf of her son who committed suicide just 2 years ago (it was actually the anniversary.) He was a friend of Kevin's roommate's girlfriend so that's why we attended. Fun night with friends for a great cause!

Sunday wasn't one of my best days. I had a migraine & got sick (yack) so I spent the majority of the day on the couch! I'm feeling still a bit off but I am led to believe it's hormonal so I know it'll pass but it puts a crimp in my style & plans to visit with my BFF tonight!

I think that about catchs you up. Long post with lots of scoop.

Nothing much else going on at the moment. Just keeping my nose clean, avoiding the drama & appreciating life!

Hope your week is off to a great start!


SuperDots said...

WHOA, you were super busy this weekend! Glad you had fun!

What is all this drama you speak of?!?! lol!

Amanda said...

Prayers that you don't get another migraine! I think everyone is preggers right now. I know of 5 or so women who are or just got pregnant! Must be something in the water....which I'm staying far away from! haha Have a good day!

HeatherBakes said...

Wasn't The Hangover hilarious?? I was dying. There are so many good movies coming out right now- finally!