Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Best meal EVER!

So I'm finishing up dinner after a failed attempt to do cardio after work. I couldn't find a parking place & then drove by the window to find every single treadmill (about 12) & every single elliptical (same amount) FULL! That left a chance at a recumbent bike so I passed. We trained this morning but I double up two days each week so that I can have 2 full days off!

That brings me back to the topic at hand. My dinner. It's a new concoction & reminds me of having a "skillet" meal at the local restaurant minus all the artery clogging grease!

I cook up some mushrooms & green peppers with a cut up piece of Trader Joe's Mango Chicken Sausage. After a few minutes, I add some shredded hash brown potatoes. They ar frozen ones that I found at Whole Foods. It's just potatoes, nothing added at all! And you get a ton for low carb count too! Once that's done, I put it on a plate & cook up some egg whites to top it with the top with ketchup! So yummy!

It would be even better with a whole egg on top but I didnt work that into my macros.

Now that my tummy is full, I'll be heading to my best friend's house to watch The Biggest Loser! I do believe that Tim Gunn will be in the house for the makeover show! It'll be fun to see what they do with the crew & for the love of everything..please shave Ron!

Perhaps a recap of the show will be in order tomorrow.

Now my question is....what are some of your favorite meal concoctions? I could use some new ideas!


Kersten said...

Your "skillet meal" sounds really yummy. I have been so bad with the cooking originality lately, or just cooking for that matter. I liked the warm chicken pasta salad I made last night, but next time I'll add olives, too :) Breakfast for dinner is always a favorite, and the egg scrambles I made this weekend are definitely contenders.

The Kelley Family said...

That skillet meal sounds sooo good. I will have to try it out sometime (I need to go to the grocery store). They opened up a trader Joe's down here so I need to drive out to it an see what they got. My fav meal when I was doing SOS and then after was hard boiled egg whites, broccoli, and sometimes chicken sausage mixed together with a dash of newman's own honey mustard dressing. It sounds kinda gross but it is soooo good.

Mandy and Jerry said...

Sounds great Heather! I am a fan of quick skillet meals and this sounds like one I'll have to try :)