Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hi, I'm Heather....

...and I have a grocery shopping problem!

Sometimes as much as I hate to grocery shop, I equally find myself enjoying it sometimes. Maybe it's the lure of the fun foods at Trader Joe's or the tasty sample at Whole Foods. I dunno but sometimes I just LOVE it!

As a result, I often have a pantry full of things that are unusued. A fine assortment of canned items such as beans, pumpkin (self-professed pumpkin addict) then add in the assortment of frozen things like fish (silver brite salmon & orange roughy.) You get the picture.

So lately, I've been trying to use up things from the freezer. My chest freezer in the garage only has a few things remaining which happens to include an assortment of clearance Easter candy for my enjoyment. That will not be used up quickly though!

And the freezer in the house is almost empty too. Oh okay, that also has Girl Scout cookies (Thin Mints.) Oddly enough, that stuff has been "safe." Though one sleeve of the Thin Mints were a casualty when I woke starving from a nap a few weeks ago. Poor little guy never saw it coming!

I digress. I'm really working to not purchase alot of "stock up" items from the store & use up what I've got. With that, I'll be making black bean burgers very soon to use some canned beans. I found the recipe on Kath Eats Real Food (link to the right) & am excited to try.

Any of you find yourselves doing this too? Stocking up is great. Mom always did but when I find things piling up & stock not being used is that bad?

With that, I'm off for the afternoon! Stopping by Vitamin Shoppe to pick up some BSN Lean Dessert protein & then the grocery store for some egg whites. I'm all out!

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Genie said...

Can't wait to hear about those burgers!!! :D