Wednesday, April 8, 2009

For giggles....

Okay, not literal giggles but for fun. Well, maybe not for fun really either but's the recap of my day!

Training: Off
Cardio: 30 min of a barf worthy program on the elliptical

Eats: (Medium Day)
-Egg whites, ground turkey & mushrooms; oats with honey & smashed banana
-1% cottage cheese (minus what Dad ate) & BBQ rice cakes (Quaker quakes..yum!)
-Tuna, apple & nuts
-Cookies & Cream PP with almond milk; Kashi Heart to Heart cereal
-Ground turkey, mushrooms, egg whites & shredded potatoes (frozen kind from Whole Foods)
-Fage 0%, pumpkin, Gingerbread PP, SF pudding powder & Kashi Heart to Heart

It's a TON of food. I'm full but not stuffed. We'll see how tomorrow goes (high day!)

Grabbed a few things from Dollar General after cardio (it's in the same plaza.) I forget how much "normal" stuff you can get there for far less. There's tons of junk too but they have a giant box of Cheerios for only $2!!!!!

Off to bed with my sleepy self. I really need to get up for cardio in the morning!

Sleep well!

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