Friday, April 24, 2009


I feel like I've moved to Florida! It's currently 84 outside & while it's uber windy....I'll take it! So nice to have a taste of summer once again!

I fiind myself today feeling pretty drained as a result of what's gone in the last couple weeks. Prayers were heard & things will be okay. Many thanks for the concerns, comments, emails, texts, etc. I again apologize for being vague about what's gone on but I just cannot blog it. Perhaps in time it'll be okay to share.

Onto wedding SIL, MIL & myself were going dress shopping next weekend but that plan has been foiled by the baptism of her BIL's new baby. Soooooooooooooooo, we are all pretty bummed about it but my MIL has planned for us to go after Kelly (SIL's preggo) has the baby in July. They are so beyond thoughtful! BUT Kelly's baby shower is next Sunday & I'm soooo excited. Since I'm the only living child, I have no nieces/nephews so I inherit Kevin's two nieces who will be in the wedding but now I'll have new niece in July! Super super excited! I cannot wait to shop!

I actually made a point to email my MIL yesterday & make sure she knows how much I appreciate her & Kevin's Dad. With what had gone on this week, I realized that they are so good to me & will be there for me should anything ever happen to my Dad.

This weekend threatens rain which also puts a damper on any outdoor activities but that's okay. It will likely be a weekend of vegging around the house & that is a-okay by me!

Oh & before I forget.....check out the giveaway for Mix My Granola at my friend Marcia's blog:

I've read about this stuff on a few different blogs now & am going to order some to see what all the fuss is about! It's a pretty fun way to eat healthy & get what YOU want!

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Enjoy your weekend friends!

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