Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I think I'm in love......

With this... Can you figure out what it is? It's a DEEP FRIED CADBURY EGG!!!!!

Why would I torment you with such a thing? Heck, I dunno. I'm eating my uber healthy lunch purusing a website that has lots of tasty concoctions such as this little beauty.

It's called This is Why You're Fat. Yep really. That's the name of it. It's got some tasty but equally has it's share of totally disgusting creations too. Sadly, alot of this food is REAL stuff that folks have seen at restaurants, fairs, etc. But some is just created out of pure entertainment as well.

I look at some of it though & find myself reflecting on what I used to eat vs. what I eat now. Funny how something entertaining could take me to *that* place. In the past, lunches would've been some fast food "super sized" meal that would be completely devoured. Often in the privacy of my own vehicle so no one saw how much I'd eaten. Yep, that was me....closet eater/binger, etc. I dont think I've shared alot of that part of me on the blog but will if anyone is interested.

Anyway...to contrast...here's what I've eaten today (so far):

1: 96/4 ground beef with peppers & egg whites; Trader Joe cheerios, almond milk & banana
2: Apple & raw cashews
3: 1% cottage cheese, romaine & Newman's light honey mustard

Funny how we grow up, eh? But for the record, I'd tear up one of those deep fried cadbury's!


Genie said...

I would eat that in a heartbeat... with no remorse. LOL!

Lady Rois said...

Make it a deep fried Reese's Egg and I'm sooo there!

I'm like you - I look at stuff that I used to eat (read: Devour!) without batting an eye and now just a portion of that makes me feel like poo.

I think that's when we realize it's now a lifestyle, not just a thing we're doing to lose weight.

Heather said...

Genie: Remorse would be a waste of energy! I knew you'd be down! lol

Lady Rois: Ohhhhh, that sounds tasty too! I still eat the stuff I used to but just in much smaller portions. It doesnt seem to bother me at all. That may be a bad thing! ha!

But you are right, this is a lifestyle & not a quick fix for anything. Once people realize that life will be so much more fun!

Sportsgirl said...

I love that website haha! On a few boards people comment that the foods look gross and I'm thinking they look yummy LOL