Friday, April 17, 2009

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.....

.....can you finish the song? Ah, I'm such a product of the 70's/80's. I wonder how many of you wont know where that came from!

Anyway, it's GORGEOUS here in NW Indiana! It's sunny & 67 degrees! We are actually walking to dinner tonight to just enjoy the day! I think we are heading to Noodles & Co. My plan is for the Bangkok Curry with some grilled chicken on top! Never had it but it sounds good! The Pad Thai is suggested as well from my SIL-to-be!

On tap for the weekend is just dinner out tonight & enjoying the weather.

Saturday, I will be taking my first shopping trip for wedding dresses. I'll be going with my best friend (she's my matron of honor,) her Mom & also my future MIL who said "hell yes" when I asked her if she wanted to go! lol I'm a little anxious to go just because it's surreal to do this without my Mom so I suspect a few tears may be shed but it's okay. Just part of the things that will happen along the way.

That night I'll concoct something for dinner & we'll probably veg out watching movies or something.

Sunday, I'll head to church, get my cardio in & then spend time cleaning house. I also need to finish working in the flower beds around the house though it's supposed to rain so that part may not happen.

Things in life just continue to move along as they should be (I assume.) Lots of excitement with friends & their lives. Babies are due starting in July with Kevin's sister & another friend is due in October. Other things also seem to be falling into place in folks lives & I guess that's all we can really ask for!

Have a safe & FUN weekend!


Heather said...

I hope you had a great weekend. How did the dress shopping go? :)

Krista said...

Mr Rogers!!!