Friday, April 10, 2009


It's Good Friday. What more can be said about that? It's a day that I feel ultimately humbled. A day to rejoice in knowing that freedom is at your feet just waiting for you to accept it. As simple as saying I believe, asking for forgiveness & letting go of all the worries that burden you.

It's just a day that I say thank you Lord for going before me so that I can be free.

In other news ;) Things are good. I'm on day #4 of SOS & feeling pretty good. I'm not hungry & actually after yesterday (high day) I was STUFFED! I didnt even finish my last meal that was pretty light (Fage 0%, protein powder, pumpkin & some Kashi cereal.) I just couldn't eat another bite!

The workouts feel good, cardio is spot on! I'm just really feeling good!

That's really it from me! Got an early start to the weekend since it was so quiet in the office. Dad decided we should go home & I never say no to that!

I do want to add a disclaimer to those who follow other beliefs. I hope you are not offended in my sharing. I'm definitely not a preachy person but sometimes things just need to be shared! I do hope you'll keep following along!

Take care all!

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